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Why only 160 characters?

Friedhelm Hillebrand (pictured) is the man who invented the magic number in 1985.

Due to insufficient bandwidth of the wireless mobile technology in the future time and soon gave him the idea, Hillerbrand limited the SMS to the characters which are normally written on a postcard or in the messages were read of 'telex'.

Hillerbrand sat at his typewriter and typed a few questions and common phrases to ensure that that figure could send consistent messages. All came within the limit and decided to maintain the number (160 characters).

Implement it was more cumbersome. The SMS messages travel in a different band to the voice and much more s limited. At first, the messages should be limited to 128 characters., but in the end, after removing some of the symbols and letters, the standards committee managed to add another 32.

Oddly enough, the first SMS message was sent on 3 December 1992 in the Vodafone network (UK), from a computer to a mobile terminal. The message just saying 'Merry Christmas.' The first letter from a mobile phone SMS was sent a year later in Finland, using Nokia.

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